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Digital Sensei Program™ | Online Digital Design Academy

Digital Sensei Program™ | Online Digital Design Academy

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The Digital Sensei Program is an entrepreneurial movement that empowers families to learn digital marketing principles in a way that simultaneously teaches them to create their own employment opportunities. As Chris Savage the founder of the program says, “If you teach kids to learn digital marketing, they can eventually use that skill to hire themselves in an industry that is consistently growing.” That is the kind of job preparation and entrepreneurial mindset we really need.

Content is the new currency. That’s why it is just as important to teach your kids how to add value to your business as it is to learn critical thinking. In fact, they should learn more about it than you did. After all, they have a lifetime of experience ahead of them to draw from. Elevate the role of storytelling in digital marketing by teaching a new generation of marketers how to create a compelling brand story and a strong sense of critical design thinking so they can add value to your business at a more rapid pace while you can focus on more meaningful work. And while you have more time to do meaningful work, while your kids learn how to do meaningful work, consider hiring your kids for work that you don’t.

The goal of the Digital Sensei Program is to help entrepreneurs pass along skills that are important to them by helping their kids learn how to design digital products. Do you have a product?, they ask, "Give us the information about it, and this Resource Pack will teach your kids how to design it. They'll take your words and turn them into something visual, cohesive, and communicative that you'll then be able to use for marketing, development, or selling. As a Digital Sensei, your child will be able to learn everything they need to know about digital marketing without needing to go to school, because you will be an expert who can help them master the principles.


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